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The mobile game "Hundred Lian" is adapted from the popular Chinese comic "Hundred Lian becomes God". On the basis of restoring the plot of the comics, a large number of funny and funny side plots are added. Strong cards, easily pass high reward trials, and conquer Dayan Universe with Luo Zheng.

Immersive experience, deep restoration of comic plot

Highly restored the original plot, re-engraved the comic plot, accompanied by Luo Zheng, resounded throughout the world, here you can meet the familiar Luo Yan, Yunluo, Ning Yudie... Taishang refining method, sun, moon and stars Picture, killing the most important person in the sword guardian heart

The gathering of partners, the bond of the protagonist of all members is added

There is no need to worry about the problem of being abandoned after the collection of partners, gather more partners to fight for you. All partners help you, challenge Dayan Huanyu masters, and easily win secret rewards

Diversified cards, fair competition strategy is paramount

Freely edit the battle deck, collect more cards, let you surprise in the battle with the enemy. Interesting and diverse competitive modes, allowing you to enjoy strategic PK with other players!

Place it casually, sweep the trial and become a god overnight

With the placement gameplay, you can also accumulate profits offline and hang up, and nourish the liver. In your spare time, sweep through trials and challenges, and receive on-hook rewards to continuously improve your realm, resounding through the clouds!

Hossam Galal

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