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Little brave

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"Little Brave" is an idle development game. In the game, you will play a young brave who shoulders a heavy responsibility. In order to save the mainland and defeat the devil, you must constantly strive to become stronger! By clicking on the event cards in the game, you will explore a variety of random events in the game and meet many interesting characters full of personality. They will provide you with support and help in your adventure! Trade goods, listen to oracles, build equipment, grow elves, cast magic crystals, make mercenaries, explore dungeons, collect spells, participate in festivals, awaken spirits... All the actions you participate in will accumulate into combat power, help You are on the path of adventure!

Now, let us set off now!

——Sentimental pixel art style——

In our childhood, we all loved the classic pixel games that were popular on the streets and alleys, and we all had the dream of becoming brave! Here, you can send brave men to protect your homeland without hesitation! Here, you can realize your dream of being a brave for your childhood!

——Placement gameplay that can push pictures offline——

As a idle RPG game, we hope that you can easily promote the brave in the fast-paced life and work, defeat one monster after another, and finally climb the peak of difficulty, defeat the evil demon king, and save your home!

——Random events full of surprises——

Random events appear randomly! Just one click event can increase combat power, weaken monster attacks, and drop a lot of gold coins and diamonds! You can even open all kinds of hidden gameplay and experience the mysterious happiness that belongs to you!

—— Cooperate with the cultivation and collection system ——

Here you can not only upgrade mercenaries, but also synthesize high-level elves! The defeated monsters, the dropped equipment, etc. are all recorded and collected by the handbook, because that is your honor on this adventure!

——Strategy of fighting wits and brave fight——

More than 20 mercenaries and 30 elves can assist the brave, and there are more than 100 pieces of equipment that can be matched freely, superimposing attack and defense capabilities. As long as you want, you can create your own unique army!

Little brave
Hossam Galal

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