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Fenglin Strange Stories

Fenglin Strange Stories

By: 乙钛游戏

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[Game Overview]

"Wind Forest" is a pixel-style horizontal strategy game. Take you back to the woods and mountains, rebuild a deserted village, recruit cute monster villagers, explore the quiet valley, and protect your village from ghosts.

The gameplay is based on the classic "Kingdom" series. The background of the game is drawn from traditional ghost novels, combined with pan-Oriental art performance, combining folk stories with survival. With tower defense and Roguelike elements, the importance of strategy is even more evident.

[Game Features]

◆Interesting random events

Various random events will be encountered in the wild adventure, many of which are based on traditional mystery novels, full of all kinds of strange things, countless characters appear in turn, interesting plots are interspersed among them, and bring unexpected stories to players.

◆Retro pixel style and exquisite music

The retro pixel style and dazzling lighting performance create a strange and beautiful oriental wonderland, giving you an unforgettable visual experience. Insects, wind, flute, drum music... carefully polished music sound effects appear at the right time, making you feel like you are in the game.

◆Rich elements and choices

There are multiple protagonists to choose from, and your own unique skills determine your starting point. With a rich mount system, you need to choose the most suitable companion. The upgrade of multiple buildings, the production of various weapons, the distribution of different villagers, and the planning of exploration time all require players to weigh. Every choice in the game guides your victory or defeat.

◆Variable terrain elements and colorful maps

The terrain elements of each round will be randomly generated, forests, streams, farmland, foundations... Players have to formulate different development strategies according to the terrain. Randomly appearing copies of the game allow players to make new discoveries in their daily explorations. At the same time, we will provide more map modes in the future, so that your adventure is no longer limited to the valleys.

Fenglin Strange Stories
Hossam Galal

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