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Maiden is Throne CN

Maiden is Throne CN

By: 西莉雅工坊

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"Girl's Throne" is a Western fantasy two-dimensional Otome story RPG mobile game developed by Celia Studios under Star Games. It is a mobile role-playing game based on a huge world view, a full character image, a variety of outfits, and gorgeous and cool semi-automatic turn-based battles. The retro art style, luxurious voice actors, and immersive plot experience will lead players into a beautiful world and start a journey of legendary adventure!

[Game Features]

※Magnificent world view, rich plot setting:

The world view is grand and rigorous, with a million-character plot content and complete world view settings, starting from the very basics to construct a magical world and enhance the immersion of the game. Explore multi-line plot branches freely. Different choices will trigger different endings, keeping players fresh at all times. The story is 100% original, and the background of the overhead world adds more possibilities for the development of the story.

※Top-notch painter team, beautiful game style:

At present, it has reached cooperation with well-known painters at home and abroad, such as Nishihara Gong (Japanese), Heinoyu (Japanese), 꿀강아지/蜜犬 (Korean), YOOROONG (Korean), 에나/ENA (Korean) and other well-known artists at home and abroad, and hundreds of hand-painted exquisite scenes , Nearly a hundred story illustrations drawn by top artists, from the game style to the detailed design, layer by layer control. The game art and CG are highly recognizable, and all kinds of clothing accessories also show the unique worldview background of "The Throne of Girls".

※Luxury voice actors lineup, immersive plot experience:

First-line voice actors at home and abroad give their voices to create an immersive plot experience

Daily match: KENN, Hiroshi Shimono, Junichi Suwabe, Kiaki Sugiyama, Daisuke Hirakawa, Tetsuya Kakihara;

Middle match: Zhao Lu, Li Yuantao, Sun Ye, Shen Lei, Shen Dawei, Liu Beichen.

※Diversified role settings, rich gameplay experience:

Cultivation system: "The Throne of Girls" has opened six main male strategy lines. Compared with the existing Otome games on the market, the characters are highly recognizable and have more types of strategies. Unlock the character's exclusive story by advancing the main storyline, address book text messages and video calls, obtaining exclusive costumes, etc. to unlock the character's exclusive story and launch the personal line story. Of the six major types of male protagonists, there is always one that can hit the hearts of players.

Hundreds of changing outfits: Thousands of costumes and accessories, two-way free collocation of the plot and battle, each outfit has its own story CG, players can customize their own image, and all the characters that can be attacked can be dynamically changed in Live2d. A variety of SSR special costumes also have cool skill animation effects, showing the handsome image of the character from multiple angles in the battle!

Strategic combat: ATB combat mode is adopted, through clothing matching, equipped with different skills, to deepen the pre-battle strategy, so that the character can adapt to the battle in different situations. The perfect combination of pre-battle strategy and in-battle operation can reduce the pressure of the player's operation while also providing sufficient strategic depth and fun.

Casual games: A variety of casual games are added to the game, allowing players to have other options to explore and experience when they are exhausted from fighting, enjoy the fun of the game, and obtain the materials needed for training through casual gameplay, which can be relaxed without liver or krypton game!

【story background】

※In ancient times, the seven gods descended on Midgard, bringing magic, and human beings became slaves to the gods. But due to various reasons, the gods, demons and humans finally ushered in a melee. The gods created a container, and gathered the energy gathered in a formation into the container, opened the "space-time crack", and sealed all the demons inside. After the second battle, the vitality of the seven gods was greatly injured. In order to ensure that the devil could not escape, the seven gods agreed that the descendants of the seven gods would take turns guarding the container. The descendants of the seven gods each established seven countries on the mainland. Among the seven kings, an emperor was elected every few hundred years to become the guardian of the container.

※After nearly a thousand years have passed, the mainland is still under the rule of the nobles of the seven kingdoms. However, the civilian class who cannot use magic has developed technology. The civilian class has grown stronger by relying on technology, and the aristocratic class has gradually declined. In this situation, the current emperors of the seven countries are old and weak, but are dissatisfied with the heirs, so they summon the seven kings to elect the next emperor's parliament.

※However, the accident happened suddenly. In order to prove the innocence of her father and brother, Princess Celia decided to follow the legend of the oracle, travel the entire continent, and embark on an adventure to collect the fragments of the gods. The adventure is about to start, are you ready?

Maiden is Throne CN
Hossam Galal

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