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Oden cooking shop humanity story 4

Oden cooking shop humanity story 4

By: 识君

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The new work of the Oden Cooking Store Human Relations Story series is back!

On a cold winter night

Dad’s car of warm oden continues to melt people’s cold hearts...

Instead of the stubborn uncle, continue to operate this oden restaurant and let customers spit out "complaints" one by one.

In the cold winter, people walk with their shoulders shrunk.

A man ignored the pedestrians and pulled the roadside stand alone.

The steps are heavy, nevertheless, step by step.

In the daily stressful life, everyone keeps their own thoughts in their hearts.

They came to this small oden stall.

Seek a moment of warmth and healing

You will be a witness to the stories of these miracles...

Oden cooking shop humanity story 4
Hossam Galal

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