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Lost Four Realms

Lost Four Realms

By: Bad Pixel 坏像素游戏

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The "traveler memorial" in his hand slowly lit up,

In the soft light,

There was a distant and illusory voice in my ears:

"Alternatively, things must be kept secret."

"Invisible, indefinite place. Long night prays for Ming, punishes rebellion, and makes this body and soul determined."

"... Maintain observation, stabilize the track..."

This is a mission passed down by word of mouth among travelers of the past generations.

I dare not forget, and I cannot forget.

The same thing that cannot be forgotten is when the last traveler was dying,

A question that I have mumbled to myself:

"Those who stop, what will eventually become?"

When the thoughts drifted away, the "traveler memorial" automatically pointed in a certain direction...

For the complete mixing of sects, for the complete end of the suffering that has run through several epochs, for the complete healing of the scars left by the old civilization, for the restoration of civilization, and for the long history of history; the travellers who have gone for several generations will bear the curse. The mission of cross-examination is to regain those lost powers, hold the Star Thunder, and come with orders.

It's time to embark on a journey.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

In "The Lost Four Realms-Traveler Who Still Needs to Wander", the player will act as a disciple of the fallen forces, follow his will, punish the traitors everywhere on a continent called the Heng Heng Jiu Ji, make friends with various forces, and try to revive sect.

However, in the process of restoring the historical truth step by step, I discovered that the operation of the entire world may not be as simple as imagined...

[Game Features]

#自由探——Refusing to push the picture linearly, explore the deserted land, compose your own joys and sorrows by yourself

#变代传承——Fate, personality traits, inheritance is not just will, each generation is a new adventure

#Strategy Combat——Multi-dimensional strategy collocation, the following is not a dream, explore the unique fighting genre

#酷炫 Skills-swords, bows and crossbows, tricks and secrets, when cold weapons meet mechanical and psychic powers, challenge the limit of imagination

#史诗剧情——The interweaving of history and imagination, the collision of science fiction and mystery, all in the indescribable Nanke Yimeng

#Leisure Placement-freely arrange play, enjoy the benefits of on-hook, life is short, be the master of your own game journey

Lost Four Realms
Hossam Galal

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