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Blade of Demon Abyss

Blade of Demon Abyss

By: 雷霆游戏

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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The tide of demons is approaching, and there are cruel monsters everywhere. As the chosen demon sealer, you need to jump into the ever-changing dark abyss, construct the most suitable weapon and equipment routines for you, and defeat every monster with your operation, and enter the abyss deeper Place.

The dark abyss, one blade seals the soul. Welcome to the 3D dark action mobile game "Blade of Demon Abyss".

[Professions follow weapons: 18 martial arts can be switched at will]

There are no professional restrictions here. Enter the crisis-ridden Demon Abyss. You will get a variety of powerful weapons. Each weapon has different skills. With the staff, you are the mage calling for the wind and the rain. With the bow, you are the archer who wears Yang with hundreds of steps. To be a qualified demon sealer, you need to master eighteen martial arts, and all knives, guns and clubs must behave in a decent way in order to deal with powerful monsters.

[Solid sense of movement: use the following operations]

There is no stacking of special effects, but a solid one-by-one punch to the flesh. Each BOSS has its own different skills and routines. It is very difficult for the Demon Sealer who can only stand up and down to go to the deeper Demon Abyss. You need to research the BOSS to find weaknesses, and then challenge the demon kings of all walks through the position and combo skills to obtain rich treasures. Remember, your fingers are also your important weapon!

[Random and Adventure: The Abyss of the Hundred Buffs]

There is no cookie-cutter picture here. Every time you jump into the abyss is a new adventure. In addition to encountering different monsters, you can also randomly obtain gems through the altar of the magic plate, and obtain more than one hundred kinds of gems through different gems. The magical Buff can even activate the bloodline of the monsters in us, transforming into the dreadlord. Formulating combat strategies based on the capabilities acquired by the law is the key to our success along the way.

[Rich BD construction: create your equipment routine]

Many weapons in the abyss have different skills, and there are many equipment with special abilities. In the process of collecting these weapons and equipment, we find a suitable match and design our own combat routines, which will burst out more powerful forces.

[Team or Encounter: The Road to Sealing the Devil is not alone]

Demon sealing in the abyss is not easy. We can work with other demon sealing people to control the enemy. Even if we are alone in the abyss, we may encounter other demon sealing people by chance. However, before showing good, it is best to confirm his intention, whether he intends to join hands in the abyss, or send you back to the camp, and take away your magic weapon by the way.

The tide of demons is coming, and before the demons flood our homes, we must jump into the abyss and disintegrate their madness. Don't be afraid of failure, we are bound to become stronger in failure after failure!

---- World background ----

There is an abyssal road in this world, connecting human civilization and the devil world. There is a big hole leading to the abyss in the north of Lotta Kingdom. Every once in a while there will always be a magic wave. A large number of demons came to the human world through the abyss when the magic wave came. They are cruel and bloodthirsty, killing humans everywhere and devouring human souls. Although humans struggled to resist, each demonic wave came would still bring tens of thousands of casualties, and such battles continued for countless years. And this fate until a new kind of race was born.

A long time ago, a purple-skinned child was born in the world. This child had short demon-like barbs and mysterious purple-red blood on his forehead. His name is Torres, and he is the first half-devil in the world. He has a clear human consciousness and can control the power of demons. In a magic wave, he showed unparalleled strength, allowing mankind to triumph in the magic wave for the first time. Not long after the war, Torres went to the black hole alone. Intent to explore this abyssal road, but this time there is no more news.

As time passed, half-devil people appeared constantly. The Kingdom of Lotta gathered these people and established the Demon Sealing Group, making them the first line of defense against demons in the black hole. There are dangers in the abyss, but the abundant demon aura brings more energy to these half-devil people, and enables them to obtain a life span that exceeds that of ordinary people. Although some people fell during the expedition, some people became stronger. From a desolate half-devil with a rusty sword in his hand to a demon-clad man in a god costume.

As the years passed, and groups of sealers were searching deeper into the abyss, a shocking secret slowly surfaced.

---- When you stare at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you too. ----

Blade of Demon Abyss
Hossam Galal

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