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阿比斯之旅 Journey Of Abyss

阿比斯之旅 Journey Of Abyss

By: Ohayoo

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A teenager who wants to save his partner, with the help of a crazy old man, through the misty forest, saves the town where all the living people have been replaced by mysterious bugs, and embarks on a soul ship full of bizarre dreams.. However, as the journey progressed, the teenager gradually discovered that all disasters seemed to be related to him. Even whether I am a "human" identity has become a mystery...

Tell a deep good story

Players can freely make choices in the plot and collect [memory fragments] like mini movies. It's like walking into a misty wilderness with a torch. Through the clues collected by yourself, you can understand the story of the whole world, and experience the different life experiences and stories of the protagonist and other characters.

Depending on the player's choice, the story will also follow a different development route, leading to different endings in the end.

Innovation and improvement of traditional CCG combat mode

On the basis of the energy limit hand, we introduced the concept of a card array. The order in which some cards are placed in the card array will produce a special [card array effect]. Players now have to consider not only the order of their shots, but also what bonus effects are available in the card array [fetter deck].

In the future, we will launch more decks and professions around the concept of [Card Array Effect], in order to open up more ways to play.

Roguelike and randomness, enhance the player experience

In addition to the story mode, other modes have adopted different random Roguelike rules. All paths, events and enemies are generated according to different random rules. Every time a challenge fails, you can only start from scratch, and strive to give players a different adventure experience every time.

Between different modes, there are more special events and random rules. For example, powerful special cards will appear in the [Mystery Mode] that changes every Monday.

"Abis Journey" official player discussion group: 452426879

阿比斯之旅 Journey Of Abyss
Hossam Galal

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