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Ji Dou Wushuang

Ji Dou Wushuang

By: 骋荣网络

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This is a simple and easy 3d card placement mobile game. There is no difficult operation, it is not very liver, and it does not even require krypton gold. It is not bad to play slowly, and of course a little krypton point will be better.

This is not our initial goal, we want to make features and innovations, but after the first 2 tests...emmmm, to be honest, we have accepted our fate, and decided to do something relaxing and enjoyable games that everyone can understand. , And then try to be conscientious. After all, old players know that it is a miracle that this game can live up to now. Before uncovering the pot, we will try our best to continue this miracle of conscience, and thank you for your continued support~

On the road of Ji Dou, I am not alone.

Ji Dou Wushuang
Hossam Galal

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