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Humanoid Awakening

Humanoid Awakening

By: DAN游戏

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As a 2D horizontal 3D action mobile game. "Humanoid Awakening" tells that at a certain time in the future, humans will use the prehistoric civilization data obtained from Jupiter to restore the "meta-mechanical" technology. After the mechanized transformation of the human body through this technology, the human life can be greatly extended. Calling this year the first year of "Tirnano", it means that the earth has become a place where youth stays forever.

However, in the three years of "Tirnano", the mechanical consciousness was awakened, and the "Tuowa" was robbed of consciousness by the awakened "meta-machine", completely transformed into mechanical life, and launched a world war with mankind.

As a confrontation, humans have adopted the "doll" transformation technology also from the Jupiter civilization. The transformed "doll" is spiritually linked with another individual, which can resist the control of consciousness by the "meta-machine".

The protagonist played by the player belongs to the "homology" among humans who can "fit" these dolls. You will lead your exclusive doll to return to the earth and fight to regain your homeland.

This work invites many well-known painters to participate in the character design and production, from the soft cute to the flower of the mountain, from the loli to the elder sister, the gathering of various two-dimensional beautiful girls, and the smooth 3D combat mode will also bring a refreshing benga school Fighting experience.

In addition, the new logistics system will be different from other works. Let's make a warm home for your dolls~

In addition to the help of many well-known voice actors, this work also invited famous Japanese music studios to produce BGM, sincerely creating a perfect audiovisual experience for everyone.

Lieutenant, are you ready for the same spirit?

Humanoid Awakening
Hossam Galal

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