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Looking for longevity

Looking for longevity

By: 玉髓网络

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"Longevity" is a stand-alone, stand-alone game based on the theme of "cultivation". The game is still in the development stage, and I look forward to getting valuable feedback from you.

Unique card battle

The characteristic card battle is the core gameplay in the game. Players need to collect exercises (passive skills) and spells (active skills) in the game to build their own build. The card in the battle is the "Heaven and Earth Five Elements Reiki". All spells need to be played through different permutations and combinations of the Five Elements Reiki cards. This not only increases the strategy each time a card is played, but also a problem that players must consider when building a reasonable build.

The real lifespan system

Cultivators have a longer lifespan than ordinary mortals, but it is still a race against time to achieve true longevity. You can freely interact with NPCs in most scenes, participate in the annual fairs, join the cultivation sect, participate in the sect competition, and of course you can stay in the cave for dozens or even hundreds of years... In short, as long as Make a breakthrough before the "end of life", how you allocate your time is up to you.

Rich adventures

If you are a fan of online literature, you can definitely find the feeling of "déjà vu" from the various adventures in the game. The iron sword I accidentally picked up hides the soul of a monk in the Nascent Soul stage. I stumbled and fell off a cliff but dug up the demon pill of a high-level monster. I learned a long-lost technique in the martial ruins thousands of years ago, or secretly stole it. Listen to the disputes among other monks, let’s try "the oriole is behind"... because in the world of "Longevity", you can be just an ordinary cultivator, but at the same time, you are also the protagonist of the novel with constant adventures.

Looking for longevity
Hossam Galal

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