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Twelve-scale monthly chronograph

Twelve-scale monthly chronograph

By: AshesStudio余烬组

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Twelve young girls with different identities came to an uninhabited resort with different purposes. What will be waiting for them here? Is it the power of God that can fulfill all wishes, or the terrible game of killing, or a little precious friendship, family affection, and true affection?

"Monthly Timekeeping with Twelve Scales" is a suspenseful love game that combines text AVG and action reasoning. There are more than dozens of scene maps to understand the mystery, to advance the degree of favorability, and there are as many as a dozen characters that can be attacked. Here, you can become a detective, unravel the truth about this resort, or enjoy a leisurely vacation time, and explore the different attributes of the owner---how about it? Are you ready?

Twelve-scale monthly chronograph
Hossam Galal

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