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Forney teases the dragon

Forney teases the dragon

By: 正经游戏

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"Forney Funny Dragon" is a relaxing and casual cute adventure game with strategy and equipment skills.

1. Distinctive equipment skills

Each equipment has its own unique skills, whether it is high damage, high burst or thick blood return, all can be achieved, fancy fighting monsters are not a problem.

2. Restraint relationship, strategic clearance

Use restraint relationship, strategy match equipment skills, leapfrog challenge high-power monsters

3. Entrusted with generous rewards

Whether it’s the kind village elder grandfather, or the little monster you defeated, they have discovered your overbearing spirit that is difficult to hide, so they have submitted commissions to you, hoping that you can help them.

4. Hang up easily, no liver or krypton

Can't beat it? Then see you after a cup of milk tea~ A lot of on-hook benefits, fast on-hook rewards, easy upgrades, and strength to protect the liver

Forney teases the dragon
Hossam Galal

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