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Epoch: Variation

Epoch: Variation

By: ThinkingStars

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Epoch: Mutation (ANNO: Mutationem) is one of the supporting works of Sony's "China Star Project". It is a cyberpunk & pixel style horizontal action adventure game developed by Xingkong Zhisheng.

In the near future, mankind has recovered from the catastrophe that swept the entire world, and gradually established a new order of metropolis. Under the night, the dark corners that neon can't illuminate, the conflicts between new humans and mutants are constantly intensifying, planning the next crime, and deeper than ordinary people can't reach, a hidden organization that runs through human history is pushing its own Will, an "apostle" Ann, who has undergone training and experimentation, is finally arranged under surveillance to fight, swallow and evolve for the survival of new humans, or sink into constant battles and degenerate into beasts...

Epoch: Variation
Hossam Galal

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