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Final plan

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Final plan

By: tianwangame

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"Final Plan" is a 3D strategy mobile game based on tower defense gameplay, with apocalyptic campus science fiction as the theme, and integrating 5V5 competitive confrontation and other gameplay methods. The campus is full of crises in the last days, and only by convening students with supernatural powers to fight against foreign enemies can the school be defended. In order to achieve the combat goal, the player as the president of the student union needs to strategically command the students to arrange formation and release their skills, while accumulating combat materials, reasonably strengthening the students, and unlocking talents. There is no omnipotent strongest student, choose the appropriate tactics and you can pass the level with high stars. In addition to the main battle, the game also has many exciting copies and 5V5 team competitions, allowing you to command and fight fun!

Final plan
Hossam Galal

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