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EVE Eve: No Ember Galaxy

EVE Eve: No Ember Galaxy

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"Eve of the Star Wars: No Ember Galaxy" is an official EVE cooperative mobile game, officially authorized by Icelandic Crowd Control Productions, NetEase Games and the top team of Icelandic Crowd Control Productions, "Eve of the Star Wars: No Ember Galaxy", are faithful to the original EVE On the basis of the game, the mobile phone will be able to play at any time and anywhere, creating a parallel world of "New Eden" for players. In "Eve of the Star Wars: Emberless Galaxy", players can explore more than 8,000 galaxies, drive more than 100 types of ships, join legions to participate in interstellar wars, or freely engage in ship manufacturing, commercial trade, ore gathering, etc. activity. Every piece of history in "Eve Online: No Ember Galaxy" will be written by the players.

EVE Eve: No Ember Galaxy
Hossam Galal

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