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Domestic game company simulation

Domestic game company simulation

By: Bear&Cat

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A "domestic" game company simulation game with "Chinese characteristics"!

Game production: The game refers to a lot of previous games of the same type, but it always feels unreal when playing their games, whether it is the staff or the process of making the game, so we have added a lot of content in this area, as much as possible Let players simulate real game design and production. Game design and production will be split into several specific modules. Each module also needs some specific staff to make. Different types of games require different modules. Players can also add the modules they want according to their preferences.

Plagiarism function: domestic game companies, no plagiarism can't do it. You can also use the plagiarism function to directly obtain the advanced modules that others have designed (with various advanced bonuses), but you also need to make them through your own employees. If the employees are high-level, they can even outperform them. Of course, plagiarism games will have strong negatives after they are released, and a strong operational strength (Navy) is needed at this time.

Game sales: After the game is released, there will be various promotional and operational functions, as well as a large number of events to affect the user acquisition and sales of the game. We try to simulate the entire real game market, not simply sales. Each player will have his own preferences. How similar games have the same characteristics will cause competition, and the sales of low-quality games will be greatly affected. Players need to decide the company's development route according to the actual market conditions. For example, when battle royale games become a hot spot, many large companies in the market will develop such games at the same time, and blindly do battle royale games when their own strength is insufficient. , But because the quality of the game is not as good as the similar games of the big factory.

Event system: There will be a lot of random events during game development and sales. Your choice will have a huge impact on game production and sales. Some events refer to certain events in reality. If you want to go black, go black to the end.

Company culture: The company culture determines the characteristics of your company and will affect your employees and fans. Choose very carefully. The company culture is tentatively set to have 4 branches: plagiarism-originality, publicity-quality, krypton gold-buyout, overtime-freedom. An ace producer who loves to make high-quality buyout games will not join a company that focuses on publicity and krypton money. Similarly, players who love original games will not become fans of a plagiarism company.

Domestic game company simulation
Hossam Galal

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