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Mecha Ranger: Barrage Shooting

Mecha Ranger: Barrage Shooting

By: 芜湖百游

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A free barrage shooting game! Here you don’t need to think about liver and krypton, pick up the weapon in your hand and beat all kinds of small monsters, driving the mecha on a rampage, relaxing and decompressing!

Game features:

[Blind and bright shooting colorful skills] You can also show operation with a single finger. It's not that you can't play with residual blood. While avoiding the enemy's attack, launch a barrage to destroy the enemy! A variety of skills can be combined at will, and the gorgeous barrage will blind your eyes!

[Weird so cute must have a headshot] Rich levels and monster settings, each level will bring you a brand new experience! The mobs are so cute, of course they are going to be destroyed with a machine gun!

[The hand can't beat the invincible mech to cheat] The level is too sad? The invincible mech descends from the sky, allowing you to sweep the whole picture without opening it! Mom no longer has to worry about me being banned!

[If you are playing, you can play with a team or not.] Whether it is a strong alliance or adding dishes to the dishes, come and play together in a team! Here you can bring cuteness, or hug your thighs, and you can have fun with two people!

[How do you know if you don’t want to try the happiness of a prostitute] If you don’t have money, you can fight for skills, and log in to get rich benefits! Hanging up can also be profitable, allowing you to play easily~ Don't believe it? Don’t you know if you try it?

Mecha Ranger: Barrage Shooting
Hossam Galal

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