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Bullet Master

Bullet Master

By: 橙意游戏

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Assassin Wu Luqi, a sunny boy who grew up in West Lake, when he was 16 years old, his girlfriend A Zhen was cheated away by the gangster A Qiang. That night, the sad Xiao Qi ran away from home and became a transfiguration. The assassin in West Lake City robbed the rich and helped the poor, accepting the mission to assassinate those damn villains.

However, during Xiao Qi’s career as an assassin, he still missed A Zhen. Until one day, he received a task to protect a girl. She was A Zhen. Xiao Qi realized that A Qiang was already the best in the city. Bad villain, he even kills his favorite-Azhen, because she knows so many secrets.

Therefore, Xiao Qi used various weapons and missions to continuously defeat A Qiang's men and approach the most dangerous enemy-A Qiang, to protect his lover.

[Game Features]

1. Clever use of a variety of different props can eliminate the enemy more easily

2. Reasonably aim at the target and use the terrain, and successfully pass the level with the least bullets

3. The weapon arsenal is huge, you can choose your favorite weapon for adventure

Bullet Master
Hossam Galal

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