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Flower Story

Flower Story

By: 龙渊网络

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"The Story of Hua Zha" is the first Japanese-style Han Zha mobile game developed by Chengdu Fengyun Legend and published by Longyuan Network.

In this brand new world, you will be the protagonist and inherit from your grandfather the Izumo Pavilion, which was founded for Hanazawa lovers in the land of Izumo, and what kind of story will you unfold with the Huajis of Izumo Pavilion What?

Izumo City, run your own manor

This is your manor, where you can obtain the raw materials of the goods from the manor, worship the gods at the shrine, open up mines in Mizo Mountain, process the goods in the craft workshop, and finally sell the goods at the trading port. Provide funds to restore the glory of Izumo Pavilion.

Huazha Duan Competition, a new experience of traditional flower

The game reproduces the two-person Koi-Koi gameplay of traditional Hanza, with ukiyo-e-style patterns from the Edo period of Japan in the 18th century. There are also two sessions of 30 characters and December. Here you can feel the intense and exciting game experience, you can feel the thrill of turning defeat into victory.

Biography of Hua Ji, looking for Hua Ji's past

Behind each of the flowers in Izumo Pavilion, there are countless pasts with Izumo Pavilion, to explore the stories behind them, to untie their knots, and to restore the belonging in their hearts-Izumo Pavilion. The glorious scene of the past.

Flower Story
Hossam Galal

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