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Before: Yuntu Project

Before: Yuntu Project

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"Warning! Fatal error: System integrity is severely damaged..."

This is an unprecedented crisis that threatens the survival of humanoids. Facing strong enemies and an unknown road ahead, humanoids scattered everywhere are gritting their teeth and struggling with their own will, seeking hopeless hope.

Although human beings have decided to abandon them, as the person in charge of the "Yuntu Project", you stepped into this unknown land without hesitation, gathered human figures and established a team of "exiles" to become their leader and explore the secrets of this world. Find a way out of desperation and uncover the truth behind the incident...

[Character: Sophistication and characteristics go hand in hand]

Next-generation humanoids with various professional characteristics are waiting for your instructions. Search for them, expand the size of the "exiles" team, diversify and cultivate your favorite human figures, help them break through the shackles of their minds, and even discover their unknown past-hush, this is only between you and each other The secret of the time.

[Combat: Coexistence of Power and Strategy]

Under the exquisite scene design and character creation, the innovative battle mode draws on the essence of Roguelike. There is more than one road to victory if you take risks and face powerful enemies carefully, or carefully plan the overall layout carefully, or adapt to the situation according to the circumstances. Form your subordinate figures, use the bond bonus skillfully, and rationally deploy the lineup. Please leave the rest to the "exiles".

[Construction: Fun and function together]

The materials harvested during the adventure are the tools to build and upgrade the new home "oasis" of the "exiles". Please build the city, upgrade the building, and decorate the dormitory according to your preferences to obtain rich resources and powerful bonuses. Before the next departure, I hope you and your favorite figures can share a half-day leisure here.

Before: Yuntu Project
Hossam Galal

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