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Bong Chaos

Bong Chaos

By: 怪力猫

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Chinese name of the game: Boom Dimension!

English name: Bong!Chaos!

A unique style of combat mobile game created by the Monster Power Cat team.

PVE+PVP+ leisure development to catch it all!

The real sea urchin wind! Real hair care and liver nourishment!

The horizontal screen light strategy type new gameplay, the competitive experience and the character collection room system make you want to stop!

Nearly a hundred characters are waiting for you to collect!

Crazy chip effects and attributes infinitely superimpose!

The cool Meteor Buff is back!

Who will become the ultimate destroyer of chaotic dimensions!

Bong! Chaos! is now open for reservations!

[Development Team & Release]: Guai Li Mao


Extremely simple drag and drop operation, you can drag and drop any character into the battlefield for real-time competition.

Grab your favorite styles and styles in the egg pool, and collect willful combinations of character source files.

Collect a variety of cool and cute characters, and the story of the room raising cub characters will open your eyes.

Focus on competition! The friction of friendship! African-European battle! Challenge more weird players! Feel free to match your battle lineup!

【World View-Jan】

Cracks of Source Chaos Virus appeared in the world of various dimensions.

Humans and creatures and gods of all dimensions are infected.

The creators who survived the virus will travel to the chaos dimension together with the cubs who have overcome the virus.

Go to defeat more viruses and save the source world!

Bong Chaos
Hossam Galal

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