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Delivery From the Pain:Survive

Delivery From the Pain:Survive

By: DigiPotato Studio

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Delivery From The Pain is a survival-strategy game with a fantastic RPG storyline, taking 30+ hours to unlock one of several endings.


► Unique doomsday experience with puzzles, clues, & hidden game features.

► Multiple endings full of mysteries and surprises. Which one is the truth?

► A huge map with dangerous, attractive 3D urban buildings.

► Lifelike NPCs with particular personalities, timelines & evocative story development.

► Thought-provoking, consequential dialogue options.

► An array of weapons & a unique sneak system that will provide hours of varied experimentation in combat.

► Study system and workshop management that offer myriad strategic choices, trying to maximize your safe shelter right away!

► 10+ types of zombies, each with specific skills & 4 ultimate boss monsters are waiting for you.

► Using Google Drive sync support, you won't lose your progress.

► Support available for Metal rendering to further enhance the performance!

【About Challenge Mode】

The core of the gameplay is survival duration as the ultimate goal. The challenge mode uses a large map scene, used for exploration - except BOSS scenes & other scenarios with NPCs.

In Professional difficulty, saving file will be deleted when the player fails to survive. The challenge will instantly be restarted.

In Normal difficulty, the saving file can be saved, the save rule being the same as the game normal mode rule.

【About New DLC】

1.New Story:

The story between Big Brother and Moira explains much of the backstory of the main game - as a Prequel.

2.New Pet:

The faithful dog "Hamburger" will join your fight against flesh eating zombies, even being more energetic in toxic areas.

3. New game system:

A creative feeding system, training system & cooking system will offer you a brand-new survival adventure experience in the zombie world.

4.New Map:

A new map ( Lumberyard ) is added to offer your base survival food sources, allowing you to hunt animals & gather other materials like potatoes, medical herbs, & wheat.

5.New Character:

An underworld accomplice of Big Brother's crime syndicate will appear in this new DLC, allowing his backstory & having trade with him for otherwise unattainable resources.

6.New Mode:

Players receive an unlimited survival supply pack under assist mode when you want to have a quick understanding about the new story. An experienced survival game player? You can try the survival mode with significant difficulty to challenge yourself.

7.New Cooking System:

You can send gifts to Moira & get new surprises from her, too.


In 201x, an anti-cancer research institute announced the discovery of the key to eternal life. In response to this breakthrough, Faith Energy Company concocted a vaccine-driven startup, the “Human X Plan.” However, the vaccine altered inoculated populations across the globe, altering their DNA . . . transforming them into zombies. Your home city has been overrun & you must survive. Uncover the conspiracy behind the Human X Plan as you explore and try to escape from the nightmare city!

You will meet many survivors. Do you want to see them all survive to the end? At what cost? What secret was hidden in the abandoned tapes, newspapers, magazines & files found along your way? Can you discover the password to unlock the door to a new life?

【We want to tell you】

This game is our first 3D indie game, we started to develop this game in 2015 & are lucky to expand our team from 5 to now having 7 members. We've put effort & much love into "Delivery from the Pain." We want to make your playing experience valuable, being mutual with connecting with our fan base.

We appreciate all of your feedback, every idea, & personal opinion on making "Delivery from the Pain" as sharp & complete as possible.

【Follow us】

Facebook: @DeliveryFromThePain

Twitter: @DeliveryPain


Delivery From the Pain:Survive
Hossam Galal

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