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Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial

Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial


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[Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial] is a classic roguelike side-scrolling action game. From the first-person perspective of heroine Erza, players will lift the veil of an adventure story. Erza signed a contract with the Devil since childhood and she gained the ability to be reborn. Thanks to this ability, Erza was able to head off a danger when skating on thin ice and explore the unknown world in the tower.

There is a harsh punishment for death in this game. After Erza dies, she will be sent back to the initial location by the Devil’s magic of time and space. Same as other games, Erza can also be revived on the spot with rare props. In the endless challenges, Erza will collect precious materials and treasures and become stronger and stronger!


Game Features:

2.5D side-scrolling action game: gorgeous visuals presented by stylistic rendering.

Smooth gameplay: dodging can cancel cast backswing, while the height and direction of jumping can be adjusted.

Combo attack: combine basic attacks and heavy strikes to form combos, which can increase damage and dodge attacks.

Metroidvania system: weapons, skills, and spells can be performed with simple commands.

Chip system: players are free to select the skills and strengthen their combat power.

License system: players will gain different Hunter’s License according to the speed of clearing stages or special conditions.

Easter Egg: open the hidden door with the key of the corresponding color, excitingly and riskily.

Tower Hunter: Erza
Hossam Galal

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