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Raft Survival: Desert Nomad

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad


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Desert Nomad – is one of the new survival online games in which you play as a lone survivor trapped in the vast expanses of the desert sand oceans and your the only objective left to try just to survive on a raft that floats in the air. Do everything so as not to die of malnutrition and dehydration, and not to meet up with death in the clutches of desert monsters, ready to finish you off at any moment. Traverse the vast lands of the desert, watch the indicators of health, hunger and thirst, and look for other survivors.

It is the survival game simulator – you can build a large air raft fortress, collect useful resources to improve buildings, and craft a variety of armor and weapons to protect yourself from intruders.

Survival game rules in Desert Nomad:

• Craft and construct;

• Collect and product resources;

• Fight against dangerous monsters;

• Make a wide variety of weapons and armor;

• Explore a huge world with different locations.

~~~ Explore new territories ~~~

You are the only survivor on this earth, so while taking a journey on a raft through the air, you will have the opportunity to explore new interesting locations, the open world is waiting for you. Make your survival strategy. Do not miss the slightest detail, because in the new territories you can find unique resources for the development of the raft, meet new types of animals and monsters, as well as complete themed tasks and receive valuable rewards.

~~~ Resource Gathering and Crafting Stations ~~~

For the successful raft development, you need to make your safe zone and stock up on useful resources. To stay alive in the survival game, you can build machines for the extraction of water and food, as well as devices for crafting clothes and materials to improve the raft, then you can not be afraid to disappear in the Wild West. Collect as many supplies and resources from under sand as possible, otherwise it will be your last day that you see the sun.

~~~ Hot Air Balloon Travel ~~~

Travel in a new and improved model of the game raft, which is presented in the form of a giant balloon. Build the first floor, install the necessary stations and equipment, reinforce the raft with fences and metal walls to defend against the attacks of aggressive enemies.

~~~ Complete adventure quests and go through the storyline ~~~

To diversify the gameplay in the world of Desert Nomad, we have added quests and passage of an exciting storyline with quest tasks. Complete a variety of tasks and get nice bonuses to speed up your raft and combat survival equipment development.

~~~ Fight the monsters of the desert ~~~

Everything looks like an apocalypse. The monsters, like zombies, run, smelling something alive. Defend your air raft from the invasion and attacks of various creatures that are eager to feast on you. Try to survive by strengthening the structure of the raft and facing the mutants of the golden sands face to face. Fight for survival on a raft in the middle of endless desert locations surrounded by dangerous monsters living both on the ground and underground.

~~~ High-quality 3D graphics ~~~

Enjoy a survival game in stunning 3D graphics. The desert, animal and plant worlds of the game are made in the HD quality, and the elements of clothing, armor and items are highly detailed. You are to survive after the apocalipsis at any cost on an air raft in the middle of the desert!

~~~ Supports all devices ~~~

Desert Nomad is supported on absolutely any device. The game is well optimized and you can play it even on the weakest devices. Enjoy your trip!

We are ready to please you with our new desert surviving adventure game with new items, locations and stories. Download Desert Nomad survival simulator now and immerse yourself in the thrilling air raft rescue atmosphere. Try to outlive this horror in the game as online as offline with your friends and set your own records for the number of days of survival in the desert. Your fate is in your hands!

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad
Hossam Galal

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