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Siren Head The Project S

Siren Head The Project S


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It is September 1986 and you are about to enter the most controversial air base in the world, where a very dangerous experiment will be carried out with a creature found buried in the Nevada desert, this creature has the project code name assigned as " S ".

You and a team of specialists are assigned to carry out the investigation of the "S" project, in your role as the "Codex" specialist.

While when taking the first steps for investigation, something gets out of control and everyone begins to die in front of your eyes, the other creatures begin to wander around the base while nobody does anything, the military force also arrives with help what you need. It will make you think that everything is part of a sinister plan for the investigation, while you are securing all the external information that is reaching the most internal computers of the base.

Discover all the related information through the computers that run throughout the base, between internal chats and external emails and discover the causes of the incident, but do not let Siren Head catch you, because if it catches you it will end you in one fell swoop as you are not a combatant!

Go through so many monsters who want to kill you since you are the only survivor of the team assigned to the investigation

Let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere and the enveloping environment!

You are about to see the exclusive technological advances of that time! Told like stylized science fiction from the 80's.

Siren Head The Project S
Hossam Galal

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