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Granny's Silent Playhouse Residence

Granny's Silent Playhouse Residence

By: Charming Agency

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Immerse yourself in cinematic horror that will not let you go until the very end of the mysterious story. Enjoy dynamic first-person cutscenes and take part in an incredible storyline.

Dare you to challenge your fears and travel to an old abandoned evil house in a village in the hills and unravel all the disturbing secrets?

Do you remember that your granny told you scary tales about a silent, abandoned playhouse where the evil spirit lady Hasshaku-sama (or slendrina for example) dwells. Perhaps you ended up in the same abandoned house.

Despite the dire warning, you will have to sort out your past. Here is the silent residence of otherworldly forces, look into the inner world of the inhabitants of the playhouse, it will be very scary.

Your dark past won't let you out of that house, but why is this happening? This place is like a evil living organism - it changes and distorts. You will visit as if different worlds. This place seems to be in the medium world. Can you break this vicious circle of the abandoned house of granny stories?

Step forward and find out all the disturbing and tragic secrets that this playhouse in the village on hill holds.

Key features:

- Cinematic cutscenes and storyline

- Chopped sound and musical accompaniment. Feel all the fear when the right sounds and music are turned on precisely.

- Explore a silent abandoned house in search of a clue and a way out

- Gradually changing environment

- Various situations for the player - from puzzles to chases

- Unexpected ending

Hossam Galal

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