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The game story of "Swordsman World 3" is set in the Southern Song Dynasty, with the Song and Jin War as the world background. The player is secretly ordered by the head to go down the mountain, but accidentally obtains the "Jade Falcon and Golden Snake Mark", and is finally involved in the Southern Song Dynasty crisis. The core gameplay of the game is family-centered social interaction, battle for the leader, battlefield, etc. It also inherits the core elements of the "Swordsman Love" series, such as the Battlefield of Song and Jin, White Tiger Hall, and the Five Elements. We specially designed the ingot auction system. All high-end items produced by family gameplay need to be auctioned. The auctioned ingots are equally distributed to family members, allowing players of different paying tiers to rely on and grow together, greatly reducing krypton gold, and improving the game experience.

The game is developed with the latest engine and presents next-generation picture quality. A variety of new technologies have been added, such as: the change of rain, snow and wind, day and night system, high frame rate, infinite big map, etc. The unique high-altitude flight of the imperial sculpture, the light work of flying over the walls, hundreds of parameters of face-squeezing and rich fashion. At the same time, a large number of free world interactions have been added, such as banquets, playing piano, hot springs, boating, swimming, diving, treasure digging, two-person interaction, water, land and air mounts, etc., giving players a world of martial arts, free and unfettered experience.

————Special design concept————

[Super high quality, Chinese style aesthetics]

Exquisite character model and face pinching system achieve next-generation image quality. Adhere to Chinese style aesthetics, abandon greasy plastic texture, no big wings and Western-style fashion. The character shape and world settings are exquisite, allowing the game world to show the original and classical beauty.

[Display large-scale PK of the character model]

In previous games, models must be blocked for large-scale battles, and players are actually participating in name battles. However, in "World of Swordsman 3", a large number of character models will be displayed, bringing a refreshing group battle PK experience.

[Friendly experience of light krypton without liver]

All high-level props produced by family gameplay need to be auctioned with ingots. The auctioned ingots are distributed to family members. Thousands of ingots can be distributed every day. Ordinary players can continue to become stronger.

[Skills match, dismantling tricks]

The game is equipped with 8 skills, which can be matched with different play routines, double compass operation, multiple skill control and trick-relief mechanisms, show operations in competitions, and even extreme counter-kills in desperate situations.

In the days when the "Swordsman Love" series of games is about to enter its 25th year, Xishanju is passionate about creating "Swordsman World 3", which will emerge as the "Swordsman Love" 25-year flagship mobile game, and it is also a rare brand new in 2021. Martial arts MMORPG, I hope it can become the arena that the young heroes want!

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