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Vtuber Baseball

Vtuber Baseball


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A new real-time baseball game for Vtuber and Vtuber fans is finally here! !!!

You're invited to a fierce baseball showdown with the Vtubers!

Game Description

Become a real Vtuber and experience dealership!

- A game where you become a Vtuber of support and real-time delivery!

- The delivery theme was a 1:1 live baseball showdown!

- If communication is successful, "registrants" and "likes" will grow steadily!

- Vtuber's ranking increases with the number of likes!

- Increase the number of "registrants" by playing baseball against each other, get "likes", and become a Vtuber ranking!

- Special benefits of being a rank! ?


Please check the serial number on your YouTube channel.

It's much easier and works well if you rate the channel.



1 game of psychological warfare to make you sweat sweat back! ?

- Special rules for hitting and pitching, one at a time!

- The target hit was a single or a home run!

- Be careful not to touch the pitch!

- If you lose, you can train and get revenge! !!!

Start a new era of Vtuber!!!!

- The character that appears is the Vtuber chosen in the actual game!

- He designed the costume, the sound and the action for Vtuber Baseball!

- And special elements that are only visible in new outfits! ?

Develop your own Vtuber's training system!

- Trying not to betray you!

- Unusual training makes Vtuber grow!

- Hitting practice: hitting tires will increase your "power"!

- Dance training: dance adds flexibility and mass production of "hit songs"!

- Pitching Training: You won't betray the pitch count...

- Game Center Training: Let's make the game very "domain"!

Bats are not ornaments! It would greatly affect the outcome.

- Collect lots of "bat" pieces to complete the bat. You can equip a full bat!

- Collecting lots of bats can improve your condition!

- Let's further strengthen the complete bat with "Kakera"!

- Including Vtuber's own original design bat! ?

Who is the best Vtuber ...! ?

Vtuber's baseball game will finally be here in August 2020!

Vtuber Baseball
Hossam Galal

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