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Incredible crown

Incredible crown

By: NExT Studios

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We want to get acquainted with more Roguelike fans through this platform. We hope that this game can bring you a classic and purely synchronous turn-based game experience. We look forward to adventuring with you in the dungeon~

"Unbelievable Crown" is a strategy-synchronized turn-based Rogue RPG developed by NExT Studios.

The game uses a purely hand-painted art style to start a bizarre adventure-explore a variety of styles of dungeons, challenge dangerous enemies and BOSS, experience the cycle of death and growth, and fight the endless abyss.


In the next room, no one knows what will happen? - The incredible crown

Game features:

* Randomly changing endless maze

Never explore the same maze twice. Every time you enter the maze, there is a new experience. Magic elements such as water, fire, ice, wind, poison, and land interact with skills and produce endless changes; you can take weapons such as swords, guns, blunderbuss, and rods to take risks and fight.

* 2D hand-painted underground world

The underground world in the style of hand-painted art films is full of fantastic ideas. From the Witch’s Castle to the endless abyss, all kinds of underground creatures live here. Organs, treasure chests, springs, statues, unknown existences, and various events are all in this wonderful underground city.

* Interesting and innovative gameplay

The innovative element interaction method makes the magic element gameplay rich and changeable. Reasonable use of terrain is the key to victory. Combining turn-based and Rogue gameplay, a unique synchronized round RogueLike RPG is formed.

* The magic crown of weird abilities

The living crown that accompanies you on your adventures may be dangerous but really powerful. Dozens of special abilities monsters are contained in the crown, waiting for you to cycle, unlock one by one, and develop in depth. what? Is the crown not the main body? !

there are more:

1. A new experience of "Strategic RougeLike" gameplay;

2. Synchronous rounds, every action is full of changes, and every adventure is full of challenges;

3. Survive and explore in multiple dungeons with different styles, try to live to the end;

4. Try to build your own fighting style and break the boundaries! In the adventure, you can find 40+ active skills, 60+ passive effects of weapons, 30+ props with various effects, and 170+ Horcruxes with different effects;

5. 100+ unique-looking underground creatures, 9 weapon types, and 120+ weapons of different appearances;

6. Challenge 10+ powerful BOSS!

7. More than 60 kinds of peculiar events;

8. Randomly generated maps, weapons, Horcruxes, props, and wonderful events;

9. Find secrets and explore the stories and truths hidden behind the adventure;

Incredible crown
Hossam Galal

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