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Truberbrook is a thrilling and mysterious science fiction adventure game. Travel in a parallel universe in the 60's and enjoy the adventure! In this handcrafted mystery science fiction adventure game.

Imagine you are on vacation in Europe in the late 60's. You are a young American scientist named Hans Donwiser. You are a young American scientist named Hans Donwiser. Yes, that's your name here. Then imagine a remote village in Cold War Germany, the island of Mochi in the middle of the woods. That's where you've crossed the Atlantic. Anyway, you've won the lottery for this vacation! At least it seems so.Don't panic, take a break and you'll find that the world needs saving by you.


- Single player sci-fi mystery adventure game.

- Fun all the way through.

- Experience an exotic adventure.

- Set in the German countryside during the Cold War in the late 60's.

- A full handcrafted miniature set!

- An immersive soundtrack.

- Up to 10 hours of ultra-cool gaming experience!

Hossam Galal

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