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Travel girl

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"Traveling Girl" was inspired by a "travel" of the author. Xiamen is a beautiful and historic city, which has changed the life of a female protagonist who was originally a traveler. For example, I met npc "Xiaoyi", and Or met an unknown male protagonist... This gave the female protagonist new ideas...

It is a casual mobile game about travel in Xiamen. It uses Xiamen’s famous scenic spots as a map, with a relaxed and warm style and the protagonist’s gender nomination, but it is not just a game only suitable for female players, it can make you feel comfortable. You can visit Xiamen and feel the folk customs of Xiamen when you go out. The content and play of each scenic spot is different and has its own characteristics.

1. Players can obtain travel expenses by breeding succulents, collecting pet hair, working, and interacting with scenic spots.

2. Before the itinerary, you must purchase tickets, attractions tickets and food to replenish your energy.

3. After arriving at the scenic spot, players can take photos with the scenic spot, leave a message, or buy food, souvenirs, etc.

4. In the process of unlocking the scenic spots in Xiamen, players encounter all kinds of people with various surprises or disappointments. The gameplay is based on reality and is higher than reality.

5. How to play

(1) The gameplay is similar to a realistic trip. The heroine is from a foreign country, so part of the time is on the way to Xiamen. At this time, we can switch to the home interface to amuse the cats at home and raise the succulents at home. Or look at the furniture and try on the clothes, but at this time the newly produced gold coins at home and the gold coins that have been carried out are not in common~

(2) There is also a large part of the time on the way from one attraction to another attraction. During this time, various random events will occur. You can play Monopoly on the way, pick up and recycle. Items, messages from time to time will also have small gifts from friends. Our goal may be to collect fragments of scenic spots and unlock scenic spots; or to collect food cards to taste delicious food; or to collect different postcards and souvenirs; or to check in different ways to play at various scenic spots, and so on.

(3) It’s not okay to not eat the food here when you arrive at the scenic spot. The "Explore" function helps you collect food and souvenirs near the current scenic spot; the archery game helps you unlock postcards exclusive to the current scenic spot; and every scenic spot has something to look forward to Different ways to play! For example, Cat Street can save kittens, and graffiti games related to Cat Street; another example is the Gulangyu Bobing in Haoyue Garden; the piano playing game in the Organ Museum, etc., all look forward to your exploration!

(The game is still under development, and the gameplay is still increasing. I hope to bring you little knowledge about Xiamen tourism and the fun of the game~)"

Travel girl
Hossam Galal

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