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Train Story

Train Story


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"TrainStory" is a Roguelike card building game with its own plot. It tells the story that players will fight on a train full of monsters.

Paradise for the wicked

Once upon a time, there was a talented scholar who had mastered the forefront scientific knowledge, spied all the magical mysteries, and possessed a power that rivaled the whole world. As the most powerful person in the world, he was squeezed out by the rich and powerful. "The world does not allow the existence of gods." After realizing this, the perverted scientist got rid of all those who hated him, and then built a train wandering in the world and in the void to get rid of the enemy's grasp. catch.

"A place outside the law in the true sense!" This is his slogan that he preached to the outside world. With this advantage, the train accommodated a group of ghosts and zombies. Crazy scientists, killers, war madmen, wizards, demons and all kinds of monsters have turned this train into a Gu factory. This place is not subject to any laws and morals, only strength is the only truth.

Seeking wealth in insurance

The enemy is terrifying, but our protagonist is not good. The most dangerous places often have the most valuable treasures. Facing powerful enemies and terrifying legends, a group of small and powerful explorers also focused on this place. Their ultimate goal is to defeat enemies, search for trains, and rob all treasures.

Different characters have different initial decks, equipment and skills.

Players gain gold coins and cards by knocking down enemies on the train, completing tasks, searching for treasure chests, and enhancing their decks to help them go further. Every decision a player makes and every battle affects the outcome of the game. Different characters may even open some hidden plots with rich rewards.

Powerful monsters and NPCs

The monsters on the train have distinct characteristics, and each monster has its own powerful card (some enemies are even designed to be so powerful that you have to defeat them through some special routines). Of course, depending on the strength of the monster, the drop will be different, and some monsters will even drop their own exclusive cards.

Cards, shops and missions

Not everyone is an enemy. You can trade with specific people on the train or accept their missions. Some rewarding tasks are difficult to complete. Don’t trade with treacherous people, and don’t accept their tasks...

There are everything in the store, but it is difficult for you to find what you want, and profiteers will charge you some gold coins to refresh the store's goods.

Therefore, a set of cards with a specific routine often costs a lot of gold coins.

Train Story
Hossam Galal

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