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忆落谜境(The Almost Gone)

忆落谜境(The Almost Gone)

By: 心动

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This is a puzzle game full of contrasts. The story takes place in a real dream of being besieged, and everyone around him is missing.

You may be attracted by the exquisite style of painting, but the dark core will be peeled away as the game progresses; you may think that the puzzle is not difficult, but contains a lot of clues and fragments; you may think that the story is dusty I can't fix it here, but until the last chapter, there are still unresolved secrets.

With an immersive game experience and a lot of blank plot clues, your first impression will continue to generate self-doubt and update in the whirlpool: Why are you here? How will you escape the room? Can you wake up again?

忆落谜境(The Almost Gone)
Hossam Galal

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