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Road to awakening

Road to awakening

By: Vanimals 威魔纪元

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This is a "survival" theme mobile game, because some of the content is currently under active review, in order to let players get in touch with the game faster, we are rushing to make the Steam game version (link: https://store.steampowered .com/app/638990/Undying), the game page is currently on the shelves, players can go to find out!

After being bitten and infected by a zombie, Anling's life has entered a countdown. She must fight for survival now, not for herself, but for her young son Cody. By protecting Cody, teaching him valuable survival skills at any cost to ensure that he survives in this zombie-run world-while also fighting against the growing virus in her body.

As a player, in order to survive the long journey, you need to help the mother and son constantly find resources, train the children, and extend the remaining life of the mother.

The core gameplay of "Road to Awakening" includes:

Ability inheritance:

Mothers who are not much time will gradually lose their human abilities. Players need to teach their children the necessary skills as soon as possible. How should she train Cody?

Collect materials:

Although in the apocalypse, the protagonists still have a variety of ways to collect survival supplies, trading/pickup/compositing/hunting...With sophisticated equipment and sufficient supplies, they can cope with various situations

Communicate with survivors:

Human beings are social after all. It is difficult for a person to survive in this world alone, let alone a weak mother and child. In the world of Road to Awakening, they will meet some NPCs, and they are also doing different things in order to survive. Complete the NPC's task, build a good relationship with the NPC, and maybe get some help...

Actively explore:

Staying guard is not a good way to save yourself. Going to different places can not only collect supplies, but you may also get clues to rescue... But be careful that your camp is attacked.

Fight with zombies:

Zombie rampage makes pacifism no longer feasible, and the protagonists should actively exercise their fighting skills in case of emergency

In order to survive, you need to act against the clock!

Road to awakening
Hossam Galal

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