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Root Board Game

Root Board Game

By: Dire Wolf Digital

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Welcome to the electronically adapted version of the popular table game. "Maolin Yuan Ji" is an adventure and war game in which 2-4 players fight for control in a vast wilderness.

The cunning cat nobles occupy the forest country and want to exploit the rich resources here. Under their rule, many forest creatures gathered. This camp seeks to accumulate resources and expand the rule of the cat. This faction may seek help, the latter can move freely in the dangerous forest. Although some people may sympathize with the ideas and dreams of this camp, there are also some older rangers who remember the Eagle Empire that once ruled the forest.

Today, the Flying Eagle Empire, which has fallen into a remote area on the map, is still proud, but internal quarrels continue. They recently found a new commander, hoping to regain the inherent power of this race under his leadership.

This place has become a stage of war, and the fate of the forest will be determined accordingly. Players will decide which race will ultimately rule the forest.

Root Board Game
Hossam Galal

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