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Lai Gu Mi Xin

Lai Gu Mi Xin

By: 冬谷基金会研究部

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"We have always existed, and you finally saw us."

The human creations born with civilization will also look forward to the moment they are seen again.

The bone flute played thousands of years of music, the divination texts carved on the oracle bones, are the various glazes hidden in the imperial court, and the complex bronzes under the dust... Our story is your history.

The new story is slowly opening up, and everyone is looking forward to it. Looking forward to an era when all human beings can see us. Human beings are our creators and friends, and we don't want to scare everyone.

Just like opening this conversation with a fictitious identity, we are convinced that one day, "we" can become friends.

All kinds of encounters under common destiny are destined to open new stories.

We will be very cautious, we will be very careful, and what we bring is happiness and warmth...

... As long as the world can continue to be peaceful, this dream will surely be realized.

Lai Gu Mi Xin
Hossam Galal

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