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Final Front: Inobetta

Final Front: Inobetta

By: 哔哩哔哩游戏

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"The Final Front: Inobetta" is a near-future sci-fi barrage shooting mobile game.

You will become a "changer" who will change the established destiny of mankind. In a war-torn world, you will gather armored knights to fight against the behemoth named "Empire".

However, the real enemy is still deep in the dark of the world. Be careful to deal with it. Your every move is related to the future of mankind.

In the distant future, humans have discovered huge relics facilities far beyond the current level of technology. Because of their tower-like shape, these huge relics were named "Babel Towers". Since then, more "towers" have been successively used. Human discovery.

——In this way, mankind has ushered in a great change called evolution. The concepts of transforming human beings, quantum armor, and knights have emerged as the times require, opening an unprecedented new era.

At first it brought beauty, then the desire of mankind changed him, and the protracted war and suffering began.

The empire, a monarchy country from the north, used brand-new technology and huge national power to seize half of the world's land in an instant. Even if the people who opposed the aggression assembled an organization called the United Front, it still could not stop the empire's iron torrent.

The crystallization of countless technologies has been thrown into the battlefield, and the knights, those transforming people who drive armor, launch a desperate world battle, until the planet ushered in destruction.

Only you, Inobetta, the "changer" who changes the established destiny of mankind, and those armored knights who are exclusive to you, are the key points of all this.

Commander, are you ready for change?

Final line player group 1: 1141257525

Final line players 2 groups: 1141190405

3 groups of final line players: 750358126

Final Front: Inobetta
Hossam Galal

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