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CodeName : Zombies

CodeName : Zombies

By: 谷得游戏

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The sudden outbreak of corpses swept the world from all over the world, and human beings were forced to abandon their homes. The surviving people are organizing to fight against the intrusion of zombies, and on the other hand, they are setting out to re-establish order.


This is not a lonely world. Players will reclaim their homes from zombies with many survivors. They will rebuild the city, recruit heroes, and build equipment. Organize members to establish alliances, communicate with the world to establish association communities, and recast human civilization together.

This is not a world where you can operate a character with a dog to go through the trash and hide from zombies. The player becomes a commander, with many heroes under his command, migrating between cities and towns. Recover and guard, assist or seize. The right choice will engrave your name in the new world.

This is not a simple story of people competing for living space with zombies. The world is full of unknown secrets. Keep on living, and you will find: the weakest enemy is the zombie!


Game features:

1. The game perspective of third-person shooting

2. Meiman's game art style

3. Characteristic plot display method

4. Combat mode with multi-hero cooperation

5. Rich copy experience gameplay

6. Summonable battlefield vehicle system

CodeName : Zombies
Hossam Galal

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