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Vestria Story

Vestria Story

By: N2US Soft

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When light and darkness are intertwined, where do the sons of light and darkness born in the world go from here?

In the long years, those forgotten by the people of the fire of war, will be quietly ignited.

The conflict between light and darkness is no longer part of the legend and fable, but you and I have been involved in it...

Unlimited first draw mode for your consideration

Unlimited first draws at the beginning of the game! You can choose from many "legendary" characters!

Don't like this hero? Simply draw again!

A variety of personalized heroes are waiting for you to meet!

Over 150 charming heroes are here, so there's always one you like!

You can learn more about the story behind the hero and let him become your helper to save the world.

High-quality handheld games directly from the original Korean manufacturer in Taiwan

The game is directly operated by the original Korean manufacturer, giving you more stable games and more generous activities!

Magnificent skill animation that makes you feel the impact

Just one finger operation to perform!

Each hero has his or her own skills, and there are more than 750 skills to choose from.

Real-time battle mode to test your strategic brain

The game uses real-time battle mode to enhance the sense of battle dynamics.

Use different heroes and skills in different scenarios, and use your strategy smoothly to get the fruits of victory!

The "Paradise 2" art team creates a visual feast

A new Korean art RPG created by the former "Paradise 2" art team.

Using the latest "Art Texture Painting" technology, the 2D illustrations have a 3D dynamic feel, making each hero jump on the cell phone!

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※ Please pay attention to the game time to avoid addiction.

※ This game involves sex (game characters wear clothing or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics but do not involve sexual innuendo), violence (images of fighting, attacking, etc. that are not gory or slightly scary), and is classified as Supplementary 12 according to the game software classification management system.

※ This game is free to download and play, but some contents and services in this game need to pay separately.

Vestria Story
Hossam Galal

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