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Town Soul Street: Born to be King

Town Soul Street: Born to be King

By: 天生为王工作室

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Where will the soul fall after death? We have all had this question before.

There is such a place, it is a place to absorb the undead and suppress the evil spirits.

Here is another world where people and spirits coexist. Only those who have a guardian spirit can enter.

And you happen to be one of these fateful people.

So, welcome to Zhenhun Street.


Explosive Guoman IP genuine authorized ingenuity mobile game "Soul Soul Street: Born to be King" is here!

The 3D national tide action mobile game, the two-body battle gameplay, bid farewell to the single battle, bring you the ultimate immersive combined battle!

In addition to the characteristic national style comic art, but also ingeniously integrated into the fashion trend elements!

Take you into a familiar and very styled world of undead.

Come and summon your guardian spirit to fight and adventure together in this mysterious and special world!


Guochao's 3D mysterious spiritual realm, surprises in every street

High-quality 3D full-view rendering, combined with the details of Chinese comics and trendy style art, restores the original classic mysterious spiritual world. Open scenes, every familiar and trendy street can be explored freely.

Fight side by side with the spirits, one by one with gorgeous crit

The original characters are restored, and they are equipped with stunning skills and combat special effects.

As a soul-sender, fight side by side with your guardian spirit and challenge your fingertips with more than a dozen strategic combinations. Fist to the flesh, recruit critical strikes, the new skill tree brings you an unstoppable sense of excitement. There is also bullet time and more combat performances are under development.

The plot is restored with tears, every word and deed are all memories

The original comics are re-enacted, with over a million words of immersive content experience.

The deepest bond, the most moving story, the most classic picture, the most sincere feelings. Every word is fresh in your memory.

More fate and fate are all written for you.

Thousands of fateful fate, one spirit, one soul, one heart for you

Every Ji Ling person has your own guardian spirit. They come from the ancient times of Yan and Huang, or from the Three Kingdoms in troubled times. After thousands of years, they come to you, just to give you the best protection.

Xu Chu in armor, Li Xuanyuan who is tall and mighty, Yan Qing who is chivalrous and stubborn is willing to fight through fire and water for the Cao family for generations...Those familiar but renewed roles will be here, For you wholeheartedly.

Town Soul Street: Born to be King
Hossam Galal

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