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Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Ragnarok X: Next Generation

By: Gravity Interactive, Inc.

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Officially licensed by Gravity Korea, a continuation on the classic, the 3D MMORPG mobile game Ragnarok X: New Generation is ready to set sail. Dear adventurers, start a new generation of adventure!

======Game Features======

◆ Adventure Together Once More

A 3D recreation of a huge world with a rich story

From the capital of Prontera to the small islands, Midgard is waiting for you to explore!

◆Adventure With Company

Join with like-minded partners to build your Guild

Enjoy more amazing dungeon events and adventure together

◆Train Your Job

The melee Knight, ranged Archer, or Mage with AOE attacks...

Develop classic Jobs with multiple paths in this new chapter

◆Create Your Own Memories

With all kinds of chat bubbles, stickers and emotes to meet your screenshot needs

Adjust angle freely and create warm memories any time!

◆Cool Mounts

A pink Poring or cute Alpaca? Or the Pepopeco everyone loves!

Travel through your adventure on your favorite mounts

◆Unlock Life Skills

Fishing, mining, gardening, cooking and smelting

Obtain materials and enhance skills with leisurely skills!

※ This game is free with payment services included to purchase virtual currency and in-game items. Please spend responsibly and within your means.

======Contact Us======

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Ragnarok X: Next Generation
Hossam Galal

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