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Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange

By: Netease Games Global

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Many years ago, the great British explorer George Malali was killed while climbing Mount Everest. Someone once asked him why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. He replied, "Because it is there." Many years later, the great pioneers went through the one-way star gate to the unknown galaxy. What supported their exploration Courage, "Because it's there."

This is the era of interstellar navigation. With the help of a huge transportation network in the Milky Way-the Lagrangian system, our footprints cover one-third of the Milky Way. Various forces are constantly coming and going in the galaxy. Means realize their own survival and development, and seek to master the Lagrangian system.

You, as the leader of a power, are in this era of freedom, full of challenges and opportunities. You will form a fleet to explore an unknown galaxy. What will you face? Cooperation and competition, open and secret fighting. Is it to give up halfway, or to achieve an unprecedented cause in the galaxy? With the completion of the huge star gate, will it continue to open up, or return to the familiar blue home?

【Strategic Galaxy Map】

Stars, planets, satellites, asteroid belts, war remains, giant fortresses, space cities... Each galaxy is a huge strategic galaxy map. Players will lead their dozens of fleets across planets and cities. Cleverly to win every large-scale interstellar war. Arrange your troops to expand and expand your airspace. Are you ready?

【Real Space War】

Fleets collide and engage in real space in space. They can ambush enemy fleets on the way through careful layout, or send fleets to guard traffic arteries. Large-scale fierce battles will form hundreds of kilometers of no-fly zones in the galaxy.

Full 3D three-dimensional presentation, close-up, multi-angle viewing of the battle screen, forming a movie-like interstellar battlefield, and this time, you are the protagonist.

[Various Combinations of Warships]

Spore fighters, Ceres star destroyers, New Constantine-class battle cruisers, Sun Whale aircraft carriers... dozens of ship types, hundreds of aircraft and battleships with different functions, providing a variety of strategic collocations and choices. The weapon system of each warship can be modified to provide a personalized customized experience. The maximum potential of the fleet depends on your choice.

【Explore Unknown Territories】

In a corner of the galaxy, you will have your own base and vision, in addition to the vast unknown territory. You will send your own fleet to broaden your horizons and gradually walk into the space environment of the "dark forest". There are endless possibilities here, what else can you find besides the stars? Only you can answer this question.

【Explore the territory of the alliance】

This is a dynamic real society, where cooperation and conflict are staged daily... Join or form alliances and fight with players from all over the world. Open up the boundaries of the alliance and bring the belief of the alliance to all corners of the galaxy. Diplomacy is the key to development, negotiation and co-prosperity or suspicion and separation, you will enter a dynamic universe that is never boring.

[Interaction with interstellar forces]

Various forces are active in many star regions. You can help them achieve their goals by sending ships to cooperate and prosper together, or you can replace them by occupying their airspace and territories. There are countless unknown tasks waiting for you, how will you choose?

Infinite Lagrange
Hossam Galal

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