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Poly Vita

Poly Vita

By: Alejandro Zielinsky

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Poly Vita is a relaxing and unique puzzle game that takes you on a beautiful journey through various worlds.

Drag and place tiles to form pathways while avoiding dangerous obstacles. In each level you will have to build a path to every soul fragment before guiding Maya home.

Maya has been wandering her dreams for a long time in search of lost fragments of her soul. You must collect every soul fragment across all 30 levels in order for her journey to finally come to an end.

Can you solve all of Poly Vitas challenges and help Maya awaken?

◆ 30 beautifully designed levels.

◆ Thought-provoking puzzles.

◆ Unique and satisfying gameplay.

◆ Original soundtrack.

◆ No in-app purchases or ads.

Poly Vita
Hossam Galal

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