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Yuanqi Town

Yuanqi Town

By: 元气工坊

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——In your town, go to heal or be healed

After the end of the world, the traces of urban civilization have been gradually erased, and the mainland has restored its original natural vitality. Spiritual species with wisdom and special abilities have appeared. The human teenagers who have emerged from the dormant warehouse, together with these spiritual creatures, In the countryside and forest, create your own furniture, manor, clothes, etc., and manage your own town properly

[Choose the town you like to live in]

As a human inhabitant introduced into the original world, the animate species allow you to choose to settle in small towns where the ecological community has been stabilized. Although most of the small towns are still in the primitive construction stage and the facilities are not perfect, the spirit species are full of enthusiasm and energy to build small towns. Together with other human residents who come to settle down, let your small Let the town be more vibrant!

[Collect and build your town]

There are a lot of plants, insects and other creatures in the wild. Go to collect and capture them, and use the original residents to carry out tool development, clothing design, home building... to transform and enrich your town home. Of course, buildings and scenes require more details and designs to make your house the most popular and enviable "mansion"

[Management life in a small town with 8 people]

It is inevitable that a person’s life will be lonely. Each town will have 8 human residents living together. You can choose like-minded town friends to help each other and operate together. Every small town scattered in the world has a unique style and output. You can go through the transportation stack provided by the spiritual species, communicate with other human residents, and find unique products.

Yuanqi Town
Hossam Galal

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