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Pet lovers

Pet lovers

By: 宠物恋人

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Pet Lover is a female-oriented mobile game. Boys in the game are raised as pets, feeding him, washing his hair, and changing clothes.

Boys will always only guard the heroine~~ never leave. In the game, boys will interact with girls, call and WeChat, and tell girls what they miss for the heroine 24 hours a day. The game learns the boy’s story through small interactions and drives the plot.

The hostess woke up in a coma and found herself in a stranger's room. The stranger is a boy who looks sunny and smiles. The boy told the hostess that he was the hostess's neighbor, because he watched her fall asleep on the side of the road and was a neighbor and took her home. The boy injured his hand. The hostess thanked the boy for cooking the boy, washing his hair and changing his clothes.

Why is the boy the neighbor of the heroine, and how did the boy get hurt~~~

Why do boys only end up with the heroine

All this is from the story of the boy~~It turns out that there was a bond between the heroine and the boy~~

Pet lovers
Hossam Galal

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