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Yu Demon Master

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Hello, everyone, I am a big beetle. I focus on making krypton gold games and have continuously produced many krypton gold games.

Last year, I began to reflect on why I did not make money even though I was doing a Krypton game. Faced with the condemnation of my boss and my conscience, I decided it was time to make some changes.

For the new project, we will make a refined, detailed, and in-depth game. Unlike the coquettish goods we made before, we pay more attention to the background shaping of the game, the gameplay, and the numerical design of the game to balance the strength of the boss and the ordinary players, as well as the skin color of the non-chief and the European emperor. I believe this game can bring you A different experience.

Background introduction:

This is an overhead world background based on ancient Chinese mythology, in which humans and monsters coexist. In the game, there is a person who has become a demon master because of the inheritance of blood. They take it as their responsibility to maintain the peace between the human world and the demon world, and become a strong shield for ordinary humans. In the game, someone attempts to use the demon spirit to dominate the two worlds, and the player, as a demon master representing justice, aims to lead the demon spirits and guard the peace of the two worlds. The simple summary is to make up a background based on ancient myths.

Game introduction:

The battle of "The Demon Master" is a turn-based game of Jiugongge card. Each round requires the operation of the demon spirit to release skills, targets, etc. In order to make the demon spirit more diverse and to make the battle more strategic, many programmers have been bald in planning. If it is not fun, they can be even bald.

The game has been in the works for more than a year, and I can't think of any new things even after the plan is exhausted. Let's test it out first, what if someone really wants to instruct the game?

Welcome to sell Meng Tucao player group number: 984334371. Join the group to receive a small gift package to meet up.

All of them are talented people, they speak nicely (all are my trumpets), I really like being in it.

Yu Demon Master
Hossam Galal

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