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Yorii corner mysterious case book

Yorii corner mysterious case book

By: 哔哩哔哩游戏

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The night in the city is not peaceful. Behind the glitz, the dark tide surged in the shadows.

The owner of the second-hand bookstore "Yori Sumi" is unfortunately involved in various mysterious events. The closer he got to the answer, the more weird the truth he saw. Under the suspicion, everything points to "those" beyond common sense——

The crisis is approaching, split the road between rumors and lies, and pursue your own "end"!

Game features:

■ Dialogue skills

Choose appropriate response methods according to the different personalities of the characters, and after making a proper choice, you can obtain important information related to the advancement of the story.

■ Intelligence collection

In the advancement of the story, intelligence and doubts can be obtained through various channels such as dialogues, TV programs, and ***, and various intelligence will constitute the key clues to solve the incident.

■ Inference theory

Combine intelligence and doubt to realize the argument of doubt. The success of the argument will directly affect the direction of the story. Please use reasoning to get a successful argument!

【Ways to purchase】

The game is priced at RMB 12, with no follow-up in-app purchases or any advertising items.

Android players can experience the first chapter for free, uncover the secrets of the girl's nightmare, and taste the adventure and fun of cracking the puzzle.

【contact us】

Official website:

Official Bilibili Account: Yorijiu's Bizarre Events Book

Customer Service Email:


1. Please note that this game is a stand-alone experience, and the archive is stored locally on your device; when you delete the game, the archive will also be deleted simultaneously and cannot be restored.

2. In order to implement the new national regulations on anti-addiction, the game has been connected to the Bilibili healthy game anti-addiction system.

3. For iOS players, please note that due to memory usage, the current game may not play normally on some models with less than 2GB of memory (such as iPhone 6, 5s, 5, etc.). Please confirm your device memory before purchasing. At least 2GB (iPhone6S and subsequent models), thank you for your understanding.

Yorii corner mysterious case book
Hossam Galal

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