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Yin and yang

Yin and yang

By: 鬼画桃符工作室

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[Game Introduction]

"This Xiongtai, I think your Yintang is getting dark, there must be..."

"Smelly Taoist, don't want to lie to me, get out!"

You can only rub your hands and retreat angrily.

This is a restless world: in the chaos of the Ming Dynasty, evildoers are rampant.

You, inexplicably become the head of the Maoshan Taoist school, but you are poor and have no protagonist aura. How can you survive?

Of course, hard work is not necessary; you are still shouldering the task of light martial art. Although housekeeping is to exorcise evil spirits and catch ghosts, occasionally you still have to put down your body and do a little fighting. Fortunately, I have learned Qimen Dunjia and Feng Shui, otherwise one will die by accident.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and as a cultivator, you can't get out of this whirlpool. It is said that people are afraid of ghosts, but they don't know that human hearts are more terrifying than ghosts. How will you deal with the turbulent arena and tricky NPC? Is it scams, kidnapping, drifting along with the crowd, or going to the temple, or even swaying the emperor’s strategy of ruling the country, to save this troubled world?

The most pitted thing is that death does not mean the end. Reincarnation allows you to experience the difficulties of life more deeply; if you did not accumulate virtue and do good in the previous life, it will be difficult to be a human in the next life...

If you think these challenges are nothing, then welcome to the world of yin and yang. A picture full of changes and uncertainty will unfold for you...

【Feature Description】

>>The head of several positions:

From the head to the gatekeeper, you are all in charge; in order to subsidize the sect's expenses, you have to set up stalls to sell gadgets. Of course, the business is not good. If the goods cannot be sold, find a way to investigate the NPC preferences or adjust the feng shui of the martial art to transfer --- by the way, if you don’t mind being a profiteer, you can put ghosts to intimidate the NPC and sell the amulet at a high price. Yin and Virtuous). The good news is that once the sect is on track, the incense money will continue to flow.

>>"Smart" NPC:

Most NPCs have their own personalities and preferences. They can use what they like to obtain intelligence and even become partners. They can also provoke disputes to profit from the fisherman, and even change the personality of their competitors to win without blood. How to play. Remember, NPCs will grow with you, and what you do is also changing the pattern of the world at the same time, the butterfly effect, you know.


In addition to flicking the NPC to earn some pocket money, the daily fortune of the protagonist under divination is also very necessary. There will be a variety of random events in the game, such as natural disasters and man-made disasters, treasure traps and peach blossoms. Before you go out, make a calculation and don't go against the sky in order to arrange the schedule properly.


Whether it is dying or dying, life will come to an end. The good and evil deeds in the previous life will affect the fortune of the next life, and the birth date you choose will affect the fate of the next life; your skills, techniques, and sects will all be inherited. Come and create your unique character. !

>>Wealth can make ghosts go:

In the dungeon battle, you will encounter a variety of ghosts. Defeating them can unlock the monster illustration book and learn about their life stories and specialties. After being captured, you can bring it back to the martial arts as a servant, and you can also unlock rare crafting recipes --- just pay for it.

>>Tricky Combat:

The retro style of operation is suitable for you who like to meet challenges. Fight against all sorts of strange enemies or institutions, make good use of position and contempt skills, find flaws, and destroy them! Then, by enclosing the captured ghosts into equipment, you can get a variety of skill enhancements. But there is no strongest routine, only the strongest player!

Yin and yang
Hossam Galal

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