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The Legend of Braves 2 Rise of Darkness

The Legend of Braves 2 Rise of Darkness

By: 成都沙漏科技有限公司

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"Legend of Heroes 2 Dark Rise" is a super-dimensional sequel to "Ninja Sword Legend" newly created by Hourglass! Unique Ninfeng, hilarious plot, a different Japanese turn-based card RPG mobile game!

[New plot, hilarious debut]

The Japanese anime style is integrated with the brand-new Chinese Wulitou plot. The well-known seiyuu will give you the whole process, and the double feast will give you the ultimate animation experience! ! Chaos is born in heaven and earth, and heaven and earth play in eight wilderness. The four major forces of Imperial Court, Wanzi Valley, Dark Palace, and Revolutionary Army have caused chaos in the Ninja World for the right to belong to the Dark Scroll, and a new chapter of tense but nonsensical is still being transported~

[Japanese style ninja, gorgeous awakening]

Stupid and cute combat image combined with the image of the two-dimensional drawing card image to lead the trend of harmony. Warriors, tanks, wizards, shooters, and auxiliary five ninjas can be freely matched. Equipment, talents, star rise, awakening, and spirit protection can be developed to round your SSS ninja. dream!

[Explore freely, release your hands]

The open map occupation gameplay is perfectly combined with the exploration system, and you can experience the thrill of upgrading offline and on-hook!

[Ninja fight for hegemony, the winner is king]

Ninja World Hegemony, Tournament Field, Secretary Tower, Wanted Hall, Dungeon and other gameplay methods enrich your PVE+PVP experience. Among them, you will be awarded the title of "Ninja World Hegemony" in the "Ninja World Hegemony" that opens every day at 20 o'clock. You will be loaded The interface is admired by all!

The Legend of Braves 2 Rise of Darkness
Hossam Galal

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